Fundraising Tips

Choosing to fundraise for a charity that you support, can be a rewarding experience. It requires grit, imagination, and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

We want to share our top tips for fundraising so that whatever you have planned, it will be a success and you will feel contented knowing that you’ve helped The Urology Foundation lead the fight against urology disease.

Fundraising tips
Do your own thing

If you would like to run your own event in support of the Urology Foundation, take a look at our A to Z list of ideas and fun activities to inspire you.

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Plan Ahead

Once you’ve chosen your fundraising idea it’s time to start organising it. Giving yourself plenty of time will allow you to ensure you plan it well and you consider everything from security, safety and getting insurance to toilets, catering and storing coasts.

Decide how much money you want raise and how big you would like the event to be. If you’re planning a large scale event, you may need volunteers, so ask for help from your friends, family and colleagues, you’ll be surprised at how much they could help you achieve.

If there will be under 18’s volunteering or attending the event, you will need to consider adult supervision and safeguarding risks.

Remember, we’re here to help let us know what you’re doing and we could provide some useful advice or resources you might need.

Keep it legal

Check with your local authority or venue regarding whether you need any special licences such as a public entertainment license, a licence to sell alcohol, food safety certificate, public liability insurance or a licence to hold a collection.

Follow laws relating to raffles and lotteries. For full guidance check with your local authority or visit Gambling Commission.

Pick Your Date

Give yourself enough time to organise everything and then set a date. Be aware of any major fundraising/sporting events in your area and plan around them so more people can support you.

Location, Location, Location

Depending on what you’re planning, you may want to see if you can get a venue for free. You will need to consider aspects such as disabled access, toilets, emergency exits, catering, first aid, seating and be prepared for all sorts of weather if your fundraising is to take place outside.

Spread The Word

There are loads of ways to publicise your event, using your social networks is great for getting the word out to a wide audience (for free!) Putting posters up in your local area and at work, also raises awareness with potential new supporters wishing to get involved.

Online Fundraising Page

To maximise your fundraising, create an online fundraising page with JustGiving, or a similar platform, so your supporters can donate easily and securely. Ask your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box as it allows us to claim at least 25p from the government for every £1 donated. Find out whether your workplace has a matched giving scheme – many employers are happy to double the amount of money their staff raise for charity meaning you can help even more people with a urology disease.

Have Fun

When the big day arrives make sure you enjoy yourself. You have worked so hard and if you have a good time so will your supporters.

Confidentiality and privacy

Not everyone wants their donation/gift acknowledged in a brochure or speech likewise with photos – you must request permission before taking photos and sharing them publicly.

After the Event

Any monies raised, will need to be counted with two people present and stored securely. Collecting Money form to send in your money. We would love to see photos and videos of your fundraising. Share them on our Facebook page or email them to

Say Thank You

Don’t forget to let your supporters know how much they have helped you raised. Your efforts and their support will make a massive difference in the fight against urology disease. You could share the thank you letter we will send you or create your own personal email or video.

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