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Your urology health relates to the ‘urogenital system’ in both males and females. These are the parts of your body responsible for producing, storing and discharging urine (kidneys, bladder, urethra) and the parts of the male body involved in sexual function (prostate, penis, and testicles).

1 in 2 experience urology condition (1)

Urology covers so much of our body’s most important functions

There are four areas of urology health – bladder, kidney, prostate and male reproductive organs

Urology conditions include some of the most common serious diseases in the UK – such as prostate cancer, kidney damage and incontinence. Other diseases include bladder cancer, testicular cancer, kidney stones, interstitial cystitis, and urinary tract infections.


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Urology cancers

5 urology cancers

There are five urology cancers: bladder, kidney, penile, prostate and testicular cancer

78,000 people

Over 78,000 people every year are diagnosed with a urology cancer in the UK

9 people an hour

Every hour nearly 9 people are diagnosed with a urology cancer in the UK

Prostate Cancer

27% of all new cancers

Accounts for 27% of all new cancers in UK males.

1 in 8 males

1 in 8 males in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lives

1 in 4 black males

1 in 4 black males in the UK will receive a prostate caner diagnosis in their lifetime

Over 12,000 deaths annually

There were 12,039 deaths to prostate cancer every year in 2017-2019

Prostate conditions


Around 40% of men over 60yrs have lower urinary tract symptoms due to an enlarged prostate, and quality of life is impaired in around half of these men

1 in 10,000

Acute prostatitis affects one in every 10,000 UK men

Bladder cancer

Over 10,000

There were over 10,292 new cases of bladder cancer each year in the UK (on average 2016-2018)

1 in 130

1 in 130 UK females will be diagnosed with bladder cancer in their lifetime

1 in 55

1 in 55 UK males will be diagnosed with bladder cancer in their lifetime


49% of bladder cancer cases in the UK are preventable

Bladder Disease

13% of women and 5% of men

13% of women and 5% of men will experience urinary incontinence at some stage in their life

50-60% of UK women

50-60% of UK women will develop a UTI at least once in their life

5,555 people

5,555 people in the UK die of bladder cancer every year

Urinary Tract Infections


50-60 % of females in the UK will experience at least 1 UTI in their lifetime


About one in five females will experience recurrent UTIs and those who have more than three in a year are more likely to continue to have them.

UTIs in males

Males experience UTI’s too and are usually associated with an obstruction in the urinary system, usually the prostate.

Other risk factors increase UTI likelihood

Individual risk factors can increase the likelihood of UTIs such as having Diabetes.

3 types of UTIs

UTIs can range from simple and occasional to complex, recurrent and chronic.

Kidney Disease

Kidney Stones affect 3 in 20

Kidney Stones affect 3 in 20 males and 2 in 20 females

1 in 8 people

Around 1 in 8 people in the UK have a chronic kidney disease

4,709 people

4,709 people die of kidney cancer every year

Male Reproductive Disease

27% rise

Incidences of testicular cancer have risen 27% from the 1990s

40-50% of infertility cases

Male infertility is the cause of 40-50% of infertility cases

1 in 10 men

1 in 10 men are thought to suffer from erectile dysfunction

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