Our research

We firmly believe that research is key to beating urological diseases. Our support extends from cutting-edge lab studies to practical clinical trials, all aimed at revolutionising diagnosis and treatment.

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Accelerating urology research

Since 1995, we’ve invested millions of pounds in ground-breaking urology research, supporting projects across the UK and Ireland.

This investment has been saving lives for over two decades.

In the past eight years alone we have invested over £5.5 million in high-calibre research projects, which have made significant contributions to the understanding of urological cancers and conditions.

By offering diverse research grants, we fuel innovation and transform it into life-changing care. Plus, we’re investing in the best and brightest rising stars to train the next generation and bring fresh insights.

Striving to revolutionise urology care

The Urology Foundation has an outstanding track record in supporting high quality urology research and we are ambitious to do more

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