Leaving a gift in your will

Gifts in wills have allowed The Urology Foundation to increase its investment in urology research and grants for health care professionals, leading to improvement outcomes for urology patients. Every gift made in this way could make a difference to our work.

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Why make a gift in your will?

Every gift made to The Urology Foundation, whatever the size, supports our on-going mission of improving our understanding of urology leading to improved outcomes for urology patients. There are three main pillars to our work.


The Urology Foundation is at the forefront of driving forward change in urology care and practice, by funding research in urology diseases leading to better understanding and improved outcomes for urology patients. Our research grants are awarded to the scientific and healthcare communities, based at leading institutions across the UK.

Information and support

We provide a range of information on our website for people living with a urological disease and those caring for them.


We are working to raise awareness of urological diseases in order to improve the nation’s urology care. During our annual Urology Awareness Month, held in September, we hold roadshows around the country, as well as with influencers and decision makers in order to improve the nation’s urology care.

Think of us

If you are thinking of making a gift in your will to The Urology Foundation, our gifts in wills leaflet has more information about making a gift in this way. Please contact us to send you a copy.

And if you would like to support a specific area of our work, please contact us as we would be pleased to discuss your thoughts.



A message from one of our supporters

I have decided to leave money to The Urological Foundation in my will and I would hope it could be used to support people like me.

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