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The Urology Foundation is grateful to all the Trusts and Foundations who are supporting our vital work. Cancers and conditions of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and male reproductive organs are becoming more prevalent, and your support is enabling The Urology Foundation to work towards preventing, treating, and finding cures so that fewer lives are devastated.

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Support from Trusts and Foundations is vital

So many areas of urology are often overlooked, yet they kill tens of thousands of people each year and devastate the lives of so many more. Research and training can make the world of difference to getting a timely diagnosis, successful treatment and carrying on with life.

The Urology Foundation is the only charity that covers all aspects of urology. We work closely with urologists and nurses around the country to provide the support they need to deliver the best possible care.

How Trusts and Foundations are helping us

Grants and donations from Trusts and Foundations are helping us to:

  • Invest in more vital research projects and accelerate the progress of research. With access to leading researchers in the field we are looking to continue to champion and grow our programme of world-class research
  • Support the next generation of “rising stars” through our research programmes, fellowship schemes and other opportunities
  • Provide tailored education and training programmes for our scientific and medical communities – sharing some of the latest techniques, approaches, and expertise in the urological field.
  • Develop and deliver campaigns, digital resources, information materials and videos to increase awareness and help people to learn about urological cancers and conditions, including the risk factors, signs, and symptoms and when to seek help from a healthcare professional.

If you are a Trustee or have links to a Charitable Trust, we hope you can help. Please contact Ferha Farooqui, Trusts Manager, via We are grateful for any support you provide.

Professor Naemm Soomro, Co-Director Robotic and Digital surgery, The Royal College of Surgeons of England

The Urology Foundation has funded urology training for a very long time, and for robotic surgery it has been a vital game changer.


Every donation helps us to:

  • invest in urology research: funding more research into urology conditions and cancers
  • advance urology skills: providing and supporting education and training programmes for the medical and scientific urology community leading to better outcomes for urology patients
  • achieve impact: raising awareness, improving understanding  and driving real change based on research outcomes and patient need through policy and campaigns

We can only continue our work with support from people like you.

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