About The Urology Foundation

The Urology Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to fighting all urology diseases. We are committed to finding new treatments and cures for all those with urology diseases, improving clinical practice and driving change based on research outcomes.

Over the last eight years alone we have invested over £5.5 million into ground breaking research and training. This investment has significantly advanced our understanding of urology cancer and conditions and how to treat them.

Aboutthe Urology Foundation
Research team

Fighting urology disease

We fund research that is going to fight urology disease. This includes all conditions related to bladder, kidney, prostate and male reproductive organs. We also fund important training and education for urologists, so that your medical professionals are able to offer you the best treatment possible. Based on research outcomes, we drive real change to improve outcomes for all those affected by urology disease. At the heart of what we do are patients and their families. We're working to ensure they have a voice in shaping the future of urology research and priority areas. Without financial support from people like you, we couldn't do what we do. Support us today and be at the forefront of the fight against urology disease.

Funding research

In the last eight years we have invested over £5.5 million into high calibre research and training projects, significantly advancing our understanding of urology cancers and conditions.

Our impact

Since 1995 we’ve made a real impact. Our investment in research, training and education programmes has led to significant breakthroughs in our understanding of urology disease and improvements in the delivery of care.
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