The Power of Successful Communication


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The Urology Foundation, alongside funding research and raising awareness, invests in the training and development of urology professionals.

Therefore, we were delighted to run our first course specifically for urology nurses this May. The course content was specifically shaped with input and advice from trustees of The British Association of Urology Nurses (BAUN).

This course was focused on developing communication and influencing skills, a critical but often neglected part of a nurse’s training and career development.

Delegates worked with professional trainer Alex Turk and cameraman David Savva along with past BAUN President Julia Taylor and current BAUN President Clare Waymont on a very interactive agenda covering areas such as the importance and impact of communication, judging tone and pace and language, clear messaging, presenting skills, how to communicate your message successfully to a team or in a meeting environment.

We are grateful to Peak Medical who made this course possible with an unconditional education grant.