How Can You Help TUF?

We really need your support to continue the fight to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with urological conditions. Any help, no matter how grand or how modest, helps us to continue this critical work.

What can you do?

 Spread the word

  • Tell your friends, colleagues and family about The Foundation - and about the urgent need for research into urological conditions.
  • Pass on details of our grants and fellowships to urology colleagues.
  • Leave TUF leaflets and event flyers in your waiting rooms, clinics and common rooms.

Get involved

  • Sign up for one of our latest fundraising events.
  • Organise your own event - not matter how big or small. Need some ideas?
    • Coffee mornings, quiz nights, auctions -- all of these are tried and tested fundraising methods.
    • Feeling fit? Run a marathon on behalf of TUF.
    • Keen cyclist? Contact Sayara on for more information.

Whatever you can do to help, it makes a difference. To discuss any ideas or ask about getting involved in one of our upcoming events, contact the TUF team at or on 020 7713 9538.


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