Professor John Kelly

Professor John Kelly has received funding from The Urology Foundation for his research into bladder cancer

John Kelly UCLH

Back in 1997, John received a grant to research the prediction of chemosensitivity of bladder cancer to Mitomyacin-C: quantitation of induced apoptosis and its relationship to Bd-2 and Bax ratios.

In more recent years, John and his team have received funding from The Urology Foundation that has led to a new biomarker for bladder cancer that can detect bladder cancer in 98% of cases. The test examines 150 markers, as opposed to the usual two or three markers. It’s believed that the test, as well as giving patients a more accurate first time diagnosis, will save the NHS £25 million a year.

Almost 25 years ago I first received funding from The Urology Foundation and I still have the silver letter opener that was awarded to me along with the funding. I’m still filled with pride whenever I use it! The funding was so important to me and led to work in bladder cancer that has been my area of interest ever since. Personally, I would like to say a big thank you to The Urology Foundation for funding my research all those years ago. We’re very lucky to have The Urology Foundation, a charity that is focussed on investing in our profession.