TUF Urolink Fellowships

The Urology Foundation established Fellowships, with Urolink, a BAUS committee, to enable senior trainees to experience working in Low or Middle income (LMIC) environments.

TUF Urolink Fellowships help develop urological services as well as enabling the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and skills, benefiting the professional development of both the Fellow and those working in healthcare systems where the annual per capita income is less than $1,135 a year.

It began in 2020 when The Urology Foundation, in partnership with Urolink, a BAUS committee, provided four fellowships to enable UK trainees to help foster Urolink’s activities in training and mentoring surgeons in resource poor countries, and to enhance care provision for predominant local urological problems.

Urolink – Main entrance of KCMC in Moshi, Tanzania

Applications open

TUF is pleased to announce that four Fellowships are available this year. Each Fellowship attracts a £1,500 bursary towards the cost of travel, and a period of time in a Urolink recognised centre.

In 2024/25 trainees would be involved in a number of ongoing projects across sub-Saharan Africa. It is anticipated that successful applicants will base their visits around Urolink-associated workshops including endo-urology, uro-gynae and reconstructive urology. It is envisaged that they will then stay on to work in that centre (or together with other regional centres) for an unspecified time before or after the team visit. Fellowships will have to be completed within 12 months of the award.

The SAC supports this initiative, which it feels should not detract from the timing of an individual’s CCT, dependent upon the length of time out of the UK.

A link to the application form for the Fellowships can be found here.

The deadline for 2024 entries is 10am on 21st June.

Successful applicants will be announced at the Urolink meeting at BAUS in Birmingham on 25th June.

2023 Awards

Four TUF/Urolink Fellowships were awarded in 2023 to:

  • Wilson To, Urology ST7 from the North London TP
  • Katie Brodie, Urology ST6 from the East of Scotland
  • Danielle Whiting, Urology ST6 from the Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS) TP
  • Rory Ferguson, Urology ST3 from the SW Deanery

These were impressive applications, demonstrating a significant commitment to global urology, and we wish all the successful applicants well in their Fellowships over the next 12 months.

Reports from recent Fellows illustrate the type of work and challenges that arise on these visits, and also how rewarding these experiences can be.