Research Grants

Through our various grants, we support urology researchers, trainees, surgeons, nurses and allied health professionals to undertake research into the diagnosis, causes and treatment of urology diseases. All applications are reviewed by our Scientific & Education Committee made up of distinguished academic and clinical researchers and practitioners in the urology field. We are open to considering your research ideas at any time and, if applicable, will advise which funding stream is best suited.


TUF Urological Trials Unit

The TUF Urological Trials Unit provides multi-disciplinary support to develop study protocols and grant applications in urology

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Innovation & Research Fund

We fund projects up to a value of £60,000 that seek to use new, exciting, innovative approaches to address urological diseases and disorders

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Smaller Projects Fund

This fund supports projects that can be delivered within two years and seek to improve the quality of clinical services and patient treatments and care

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