TUF's Research Scholars

The Urology Foundation is delighted to announce that we funded five research projects in 2018.


Research Scholars 2018

  • David Eldred-Evans - Imperial College London

The PROSTAGRAM trial: A prospective cross-sectional study assessing the feasibility of novel imaging techniques to screen for prostate cancer

This project will evaluate new image-based screening tests for clinically significant prostate cancer in men in the community, with the aim of finding a suitable test which might in the future be offered as an alternative to serum PSA testing.

- At BAUS 2018 Mr Eldred-Evans received the TUF Medal for best research application


  • Kevin Cao - King's Centre for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Guy's Hospital

The molecular basis of bladder dysfunction in posterior urethral valves

The project will characterise the genomic, proteomic and cellular basis of excessive connective tissue deposition in the bladders of fetal and newborn boys leading to severe and life-long problems in lower urinary tract and renal function.


  •  David Thurtle - University of Cambridge

The development and implementation of an individualised prognostic modeling tool for non-metastatic prostate cancer: PREDICT Prostate

Using long-term survival data we will construct, validate and test an individualised prognostic model for non-metastatic prostate cancer, which will be built in to a free-to-use web-based tool to guide and inform patient and clinician decision-making, and improve prostate cancer management.


  • Pramit Khetrapal - Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, University College London

Development of cell-free DNA based biomarkers to detect metastatic bladder cancer

DREAM Path is a prospective observational study to assess patient acceptability of remote monitoringDREAM Path is a prospective observational study to assess patient acceptability of remote monitoringdevices at home after major pelvic surgery, and to explore the utility of remote monitoring in patientswho are at high risk for re-admission.


  • Nick Bullock - European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff University & Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase (PARP) inhibitors in prostate cancer.

Through utilising cutting edge preclinical prostate cancer model systems, this three-year PhD studentship within the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff University, aims to elucidate the role of Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase (PARP) in prostate cancer, together with optimising the therapeutic efficacy of its inhibition.
Mr Bullock's scholarship is fully funded by a grant from the John Black Charitable Foundation.

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