TUF's Research Scholars

The Urology Foundation is delighted to announce that we awarded three TUF Research Scholarships in 2020.


Research Scholars 2020

  • Sanad Saad - University of Sheffield

Developing better materials for the pelvic floor by early detection of materials likely to promote fibrosis


Polymer meshes can cause painful fibrosis when implanted for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) repair. We need better, safer materials which do not cause pathological fibrosis; to test these we need new preclinical tests. This project will develop a novel in vitro test, capable of predicting fibrosis risk, for POP devices.


  • Samantha Conroy - University of Sheffield

Ex-Vivo high-throughput drug screening for bladder cancer: Personalised treatment selection


Ex-vivo high-throughput drug screening is a new approach to provide patient-specific treatment sensitivities for a library of approved/novel chemotherapies. I will explore the potential of this approach for precision oncology in bladder cancer. I aim to increase the number of agents and personalise their use for this morbid disease.


  • Kevin Cao - UCL Great Ormond Street Institute for Child Health

The molecular basis of bladder dysfunction in posterior urethral valves


Posterior urethral valves (PUV) is a devastating developmental bladder disorder, that remains the leading cause of dialysis and kidney transplantation in children. Central to PUV is bladder scarring, which renders it dysfunctional. This project aims to create a ‘predictive tool’ for outcomes based on biopsy and evaluate novel anti-scarring treatments.


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