Call for Patient Advocacy Research

Factors driving urology cancer patient treatment decisions

The Urology Foundation wishes to understand why urological cancer patients opt for the treatments they do.

Given the range of different treatments on offer - surgery (open, laparoscopic, robotic), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, active surveillance - it is important to understand how and why treatment choices are made.

In particular, we want to:
  • Look at the various treatments on offer for all urological cancers (prostate, bladder, kidney, penile and testes) to see who is choosing what and why (e.g. preferences over types of surgery, preferences for alternative treatments to surgery, etc.)
  • See what influence partners/family members might have on a patient’s treatment decision
  • See what influence the health professional(s) they talk to have on their treatment decision
  • See what influence location may have on treatment options/decisions
  • See if patients were happy with their treatment choices, or if they had any regrets
We hope, from this research, to understand patients’ motivations behind choosing the treatment they do, and what factors play a part in their decision. This understanding could lead to benefits for patients such as:
  • the development of better information and materials for patients to help inform their decisions
  • better conversations with patients about treatment options as health professionals become more aware of underlying issues or factors
  • an understanding of which treatments are preferred over others and why

Applicants for funding should set out:

  • What information (qualitative and quantitative) they wish to collect
  • Their methodology for collecting these data
  • Numbers of patients / urology health professionals they plan to interview to ensure a reasonable sample
  • Numbers of locations/sites they wish to involve
  • The timescale for their project
  • Any potential next steps arising from the project
The total funding available for this project is £100,000 (Expected timescales for the project circa 2 years)
The deadline for applications is 3 December 2018
Applications should be sent to: Oliver Morris at


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