Our Research Strategy

Through our annual Innovation & Research award, our TUF Trials Unit and our Small Research projects, The Urology Foundation supports urological trainees, surgeons and nurses to undertake research into the diagnosis, causes and treatment of urological diseases. This type of research is critical to moving our understanding of urological diseases forward.

We fund research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with urological diseases such as cancers and diseases of the prostate gland, kidney, bladder and testes, male infertility, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Our aim is to:

  • Fund research that contributes towards finding the cause or causes of the various urological conditions and diseases.
  • Fund research that leads to the better treatment and management of patients with urological disease.
  • Fund the best quality research.
  • Support top quality people working in top quality research programmes, training them for a life time of research.
  • Identify those areas which are underfunded and consider how to support these. We will also consider promoting applications from specific disease areas by identifying gaps and priorities.
  • Enable urology specialists to share information on a regular basis.

All the research must be carried out in the United Kingdom or Ireland and applications are subject to rigorous review by a distinguished academic review panel and TUF’s Scientific and Education Committee. Awards will be made on the basis of scientific quality and the potential for high clinical impact.

Successful scholars are required to supply TUF with a satisfactory progress report to secure the final instalment of the grant and are encouraged to submit abstracts of their work to the British Association of Urological Surgeon’s (BAUS) Annual Meeting.

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