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Following a research strategy review, in which the urological community was consulted, TUF decided to establish a TUF Trials Unit in order to encourage and enable more clinical research in urology. Trials are an important means of measuring a medical, surgical or behavioural intervention and successful trials go on to inform or change clinical practice for the better.  Creating a culture of inquiry, improvement and research in urology will benefit patients and the profession in the long run, as we know that when hospitals, the medical community and patients take part in trials, this also drives up the level of care.

The TUF Trials Unit is a partnership with an existing Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) and draws upon the knowledge and input of the urology community.  The unit receives pump-prime funding from TUF  which is expected to provide multi-disciplinary support to develop study protocols and grant applications in urology. 

We are now seeking proposals for urological trials - see more below.




The TUF Trials programme received an application from about 1/3 of all relevant CTUs in the UK.  There was a rigorous multi-tiered process to the review.  Firstly, TUF's SEC and Reviewing Panel reviewed all the applications and gave their scores and comments.  Following this a meeting was held to discuss the applications and to narrow the shortlist to the top four.  Click here to see our original Call for Applications (PDF).

Once these four applicants were chosen, they were invited to an interview with a specially apppointed interview panel.  The panel consisted of:

Mr Tim O'Brien - BAUS President
Prof Caroline Moore - RCS / BAUS Surgical Specialty Lead and TUF SEC member
Prof Grant Stewart - TUF SEC Chairman
Prof Howard Kynaston - external expert and former TUF SEC member
Mrs Louise de Winter - TUF CEO

The interviews were of a very high standard and required a further discussion.  A successful candidate was then chosen and TUF is delighted to announce that the winning bid came from the CHaRT team based at the University of Aberdeen and led by Professor Graeme MacLennan and Professor James N'Dow.

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CHaRT was established in 2004 and received full registration status from the UKCRC in November 2007. CHaRT is directed by Professor Graeme MacLennan, and comprises of over 35 members of staff.

CHaRT's goal is to collaborate in high quality Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), providing access to the core competencies of experienced trialists, trial management, data processing and management, statistics, health economics and health psychology. Through scientific and technical partnership, CHaRT will address important health questions in the increasingly challenging scientific, legal and regulatory environment in which RCTs will be conducted.

For more on the CHaRT team, please click here.





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