Research Programmes

Scientific research is critical for better diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases. The Foundation offers annual research scholarships and travel grants to non-clinical scientists.

We firmly believe that scientific research is key to beating urological diseases.

We are open to considering research ideas at any time and, if applicable, will advise which funding streams they may best suit. However, funding may not always be available. 

We are an NIHR Partner. Find out how that can help you fund your research.

Innovation and Research Fund

Click here for application information for our Innovation and Research Fund

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TUF Urological Trials Unit

We are seeking proposals for urological in partnership with BAUS and CHaRT

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Our Research Strategy

Through its annual research scholarship programme, The Urology Foundation supports urological trainees, urological surgeons and consultant urological surgeons for one, two or three years of full-time scientific basic laboratory research into the diagnosis, causes and treatment of urological diseases.

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TUF's Research Scholars

Read about the 2020 crop of research scholars

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Events for professionals