TUF Warrior

If you're a core trainee or clinical fellow and looking to boost your application to become a urology Specialist Registrar (SpR), or already a SpR but looking for some additional support, then becoming a TUF Warrior might be just what you're after.

This extracurricular programme has been designed to demonstrate your commitment to urology while supporting The Urology Foundation, a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of patients through investment in the profession and urology research. We are also looking for regional representatives to co-ordinate local Warriors, a leadership role that will boost your portfolio.

Contact Serena at warrior@tuf.org.uk or call 020 7713 9538 to register

"It was an enjoyable way to support my ST3 application, and give back to my area of medicine at the same time."

Hannah, Urology Specialist Registrar

An extracurricular programme

We know that becoming a urologist is important to you, and we know you are important to the future of urology. That's why The Urology Foundation has developed the TUF Warrior programme, in conjunction with trainees, to help support you through your training. By becoming a TUF Warrior you will undertake a number of activities that ultimately supports the work of the charity and makes a real difference to our mission against urology disease. We host peer-to-peer webinars to help support trainee urologists to achieve their career goals.

This 6 - 12 month programme can be completed over a time period and at a location, or locations, that best suit you - so being a TUF Warrior can work around your work, study and family commitments.

Choose to complete at least three charitable activities over your agreed time period, ensuring that you complete a minimum of 2 activities that involve raising money for TUF (each activity should raise at least £250) and 1 activity that raises public awareness of urology health on behalf of TUF.

We also offer mentorship opportunities for TUF Warriors, to support you with your career development and help guide you through the highs and lows.  For more information on the mentors, click here.

How it works

  1. Register with The Urology Foundation and open your TUF Warrior fundraising page
  2. Start planning the charitable activities you would like to complete as a TUF Warrior. 
  3. Keep in touch! Let us know how you're getting on and whether you need any advice on how to maximise your efforts. If you need promotional materials we can help.
  4. As you come to the end of your programme provide a brief report reflecting on your experience of being a TUF Warrior
  5. The Urology Foundation will provide a certificate of achievement

The TUF Warrior skills you could gain

Depending on how and what you decided to do to complete the programme, you could expect to develop your teamwork, resilience, public speaking, management, event organising and networking skills.

Contact Serena at warrior@tuf.org.uk or call 020 7713 9538 to register.

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