Mr Pete Cooke

TUF Scholar: Peter Cooke, consultant urologist

Year of Funding: 2012

Photo courtesy of Department of Clinical Illustration, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

The Urology Foundation Training

Pete and his team received a preceptorship from The Urology Foundation which meant that four core members of the operating team had the opportunity to receive mentorship from the team at Guy’s Hospital, cadaveric team training in Paris, and the opportunity to visit Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, USA, to learn from their robotic surgery experts.

The funding enabled Pete and his team to learn a lot about robotic surgery techniques, but also about how to run a high volume centre, which huge numbers of patients coming through the doors. They learnt everything from nursing processes, surgical scheduling, patient assessment, and pre-operative counselling.

The preceptorship kicked-started work in Pete’s Wolverhampton hospital. Before the preceptorship they were doing around 100 laparoscopic (standard key-hole) prostatectomies a year and 20 open cystectomies a year. Now they are at a position where they are performing 150 robotic prostatectomies and 20-30 robotic cystectomies annually, and they have added a range of new procedures to their repertoire.

Pete’s urology department is now in a position where they can do most things robotically, and robotic surgery has become the default option for them. On top of this, the team is expanding with new trainees, surgeons, and surgical assistants, meaning that they can offer a more uninterrupted service for patients across the West Midlands.


What Peter says

“The service that my team and I offer to people in the West Midlands has come on leaps and bounds thanks to the support we received from TUF and it’s grown sustainably. Our experience has also meant that we’ve been able to help other surgeons train in our area; there’s been a ripple effect so that the quality of service hasn’t just improved in our centre, but in centres across the region. A bit of funding for me and my team has had a significant impact on the whole region.

For me personally, as well, having the support of The Urology Foundation has made a big difference as I’ve been able to build relationships with fellow robotic surgeons and other urologists. It’s grown my experience and confidence and has been very rewarding. It’s very reassuring to know there is a charity dedicated to the whole of urology. The team at TUF are genuinely committed to the urology profession, ensuring we have the support we need to provide the best outcome for the patient.”

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