Mr Ravi Barod

TUF Scholar: Ravi Barod, consultant urologist

Year of Funding: 2005 & 2012

The Urology Foundation Training

TUF has funded Ravi at two points in his career. In 2005, he was funded for the final year of his PhD researching the genetics of kidney cancer at University College London. Then in 2013, Ravi was awarded a Robotic Preceptorship from The Urology Foundation. This allowed Ravi to travel to The Vattikuti Urology Institute in Detroit to learn new robotic surgery skills from the pioneers of the technique. One of the key skills Ravi learnt in Detroit was a robotic ice cooling technique that allows him to perform partial nephrectomies for complex kidney tumours. This means that more patients can benefit from minimally invasive surgery than before. Ravi is using this skill to dramatically improve the lives of patients with large and complex tumours. 

What Ravi says

"I am passionate about treating people with kidney cancer. Funding from TUF has enabled me to work in some of the best centres in the world for kidney cancer research and surgery. I have applied the knowledge and skills that I have learnt there directly to the care of my patients. I now work in a team in the UK’s largest kidney cancer centre, at The Royal Free Hospital, where we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients living with this disease. Thanks to my TUF funded fellowships, I can now pass on many specialist skills to the next generation of aspiring kidney cancer surgeons."

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