Mr Rupesh Bhatt

TUF Scholar: Rupesh Bhatt, consultant urologist

Year of Funding: 2000

The Urology Foundation Training:

Rupesh received funding to look at the identification and characterisation of metastasising prostate stem cells. Rupesh’s research was able to identify a population of cells that needed further research. The research into these cells is ongoing, nearly 20 years later.

Following this funding, Rupesh then received Fellowship training in Australia that was partly funded by TUF and has made him one of the foremost kidney surgeons in the UK. In 2018 he appeared on the BBC Documentary, Surgeons on the Edge, where his surgical skills were on show.

What Rupesh says:

“This funding was brilliant. I am now a leading kidney cancer surgeon at the University Hospital in Birmingham. The research allowed me to complete an MD thesis and get a job at a leading hospital. There are clear steps from that initial funding to where I am today.”

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