Mr Ben Eddy

TUF Scholar: Ben Eddy, consultant urologist

Year of Funding: 2012

The Urology Foundation Training

Mr Ben Eddy and his surgical team received funding from The Urology Foundation to visit Guy's Robotic service, team training in Strasbourg and a week long clinical visit to Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Tennessee, USA, under the care of Professor Jay Smith. This Urology department is one of the US’s leading academic centres and runs one of the top Fellowship programmes in Uro-oncology and robotic surgery. At the time Ben and his team visited, they had performed over 4,000 robotic prostatectomies, and Professor Smith was able to demonstrate many robotic surgeries helping the Canterbury service to develop and perform its own complex cases.

The training that Ben and his team received gave them the opportunity to witness a world-class robotic centre and learn about every aspect of the patient pathway in a high volume urology department, it was beneficial not only to the Consultants but Canterbury's robotic theatre team and patient side assistants.

Since the training, Ben’s team have treated over 1,600 patients robotically, performing around 250 procedures a year at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Ben himself has performed around 1300 robotic prostatectomy's but has also developed a robotic partial nephrectomy and robotic reconstructive service. They are now one of the highest volume centres in the country, with the shortest average stay in the country for prostate surgery. Ben has also been named in the Daily Mail’s list of the UK’s top urology surgeons.They have also set up their own fellowship training programme with fellows performing over 200 robotic cases a year and they have also been awarded 1 of only 5 TUF national training centres in robotic surgery.

What Ben says

"The input that The Urology Foundation gave us at the start of our service gave us a huge boost and confidence to undertake more complex procedures and expand into both robotic kidney and bladder surgery. It has allowed us to establish links with world class centres and gave the theatre staff direction in developing their roles. Robotic surgery is a team game, successful outcomes depend on the surgeon, assistant and scrub team all working for the same goal. The Urology Foundation recognised this early in the introduction of robotic surgery to the UK. We have now developed into a national training centre, have an established fellowship programme and are one of the UK's highest volume centres. Our early results and outcomes were better as a result of TUF's involvement so a huge thank you to the charity for supporting us."


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