Fee Cahill

TUF Scholar: Fee Cahill, Prostate & Bladder Cancer Research Nurse

Year of Funding: 2016

The Urology Foundation Funding

Since she joined the team at Guy’s in 2013, Fee has been driving biobanking in the hospital. A biobank is where biological samples are stored for use in future research. When researchers are able to analyse cancer cells from these biobanks, it provides them with the information they need to unlock the secrets to new treatments and cures for cancer.

Before Fee joined the team, they weren’t recruiting any men to the biobank scheme at all, but now at least a third of prostate cancer patients and an increasing number of male bladder cancer patients are consenting for this.

As well as her work on biobanking, Fee was at the centre of so many studies and research projects that were running out of Guy’s Hospital. All of this is why she won Nurse of the Year and the £1,750 prize money that is designed to help her build her career further.

What Fee says

“The impact of this award on me has sparked a confidence to challenge myself and improve the care I deliver to patients. Having the money to attend conferences means I am keeping up to date with current research and practice around the world.

“The funding I received has freed up money for junior members of the team to attend conferences, as well. I hope this will provide them with opportunities to meet other junior researchers, inspire their career in urological cancer research and encourage them to take on a more responsible role within our team.

“It’s been an excellent experience for me and my team. We’re all very thankful to TUF for the support they’ve shown to make this happen.”

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