Helen Johnson

TUF Scholar: Helen Johnson, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Year of Funding: 2018

The Urology Foundation Funding

Helen was nominated for Urology Nurse of the Year by her manager, Jane Booker, because for the last year Helen has been going above and beyond the call of duty. As well as her day to day work of caring for patients, Helen has been doing lots of blue sky thinking and has been looking at how to make her great ideas a reality for patients.

There’s two great examples of what Helen’s been doing. The first example is making the perfect patient pathway, the second is looking at how to get more nurses who can offer top care to urology patients

What Helen says

“I think this award is so important to enthuse and motivate other nurses to see the potential in themselves. It’s all very humbling for me, and it was very strange to go up on stage to receive an award, but if it is an opportunity to demonstrate to other nurses that their inquisitive nature and curiosity is a good thing and a way to think of ways to improve patient care, then that’s why this is important. I want this to be a chance to inspire others.”

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