Kidney Cancer

Every year, nearly 8,500 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer, and more than 3,500 people die from the disease. It is most common among people who are over the age of 60.



The Urology Foundation has a variety of funds for urologists.  The reports below were funded under one of the following programmes:

Research Scholarship - RS

Smaller Research Projects Fund - SRPF

Fulbright Scholarship - FS

Other - OTHER (See report for further details of funding)

[RS] - Exploitation of the Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF) pathway as an anti-cancer strategy for treatment of kidney cancer

Sarah Welsh was looking at the potential of a drug she identified called CL67 which may be able to slow kidney cancer.

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[FULBRIGHT] - Investigating renal cancer metabolism using novel surgical models.

Cissy Yong spent three months in Texas as part of her research into renal cancer metabolism.

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