Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer mostly affects people who are over 50 and is twice as likely to occur in men as in women. In the UK, over 10,000 new cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed each year, making it the fourth most common cancer in men and the 12th most common in women. Nearly 5000 people die from bladder cancer each year.


The Urology Foundation has a variety of funds for urologists.  The reports below were funded under one of the following programmes:

Research Scholarship - RS

Smaller Research Projects Fund - SRPF

Fulbright Scholarship - FS

Other - OTHER (See report for further details of funding)

[RS] - The Role of UroMark, a novel urinary assay to detect bladder cancer in the haematuria and surveillance setting.

Wei Shen Tan's ongoing work is aiming to find and validate a new test for bladder cancer. Click here for his interim report on the systematic review into urinary biomarkers.

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[SRPF] - IDENTIFY: The Investigation and Detection of Urological Neoplasia in Patients Referred with Suspected Urinary Tract Cancer: A Multicentre analysis

Veeru Kasivisvanathan and the BURST Collaborative Group wanted to analyze the investigation of blood in pee to improve the personalization of the testing for urinary tract cancer.

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[RS] - Development of cell-free DNA based biomarkers to detect metastatic bladder cancer (UPDATE)

Pramit Khetrapal is looking for biomarkers that would allow for earlier and easier diagnosis of bladder cancer.

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