Benign Conditions

Benign urology includes conditions as wide-ranging as incontinene, UTIs, kidney stones and erectile dysfunction.  These conditions, and more, affect millions of people in Britain.


The Urology Foundation has a variety of funds for urologists.  The reports below were funded under one of the following programmes:

Research Scholarship - RS

Smaller Research Projects Fund - SRPF

Fulbright Scholarship - FS

Other - OTHER (See report for further details of funding)

[SRPF] - A prospective assessment of the financial burden (direct and indirect) of acute urinary stone disease in a tertiary stone referral centre in East Lancashire

Shalom Srirangam pilot study found that people with acute urianry stone disease also suffered from a serious financial burden.

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[RS] - Developing pelvic floor materials which can stimulate ingrowth of new blood vessels after implantation

Naside Mangir's project at the University of Sheffield is one of many projects TUF has funded that aim to improve life for people with incontinence.

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