Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer for men in the UK. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. Below is a collection of reports on some of TUF's groundbreaking research in this vital area.


The Urology Foundation has a variety of funds for urologists.  The reports below were funded under one of the following programmes:

Research Scholarship - RS

Smaller Research Projects Fund - SRPF

Fulbright Scholarship - FS

Other - OTHER (See report for further details of funding)

The development and implementation of an individualised prognostic modelling tool for nonmetastatic prostate cancer: PREDICT Prostate

Read about 2017 TUF Medal Winner David Thurtle's development of this important tool for prostate cancer patients.

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[OTHER] Investigating interactions between vacuolar ATPase proton pumps and androgen receptor signalling in prostate cancer

Simon Crabb's project had this hypothesis: "V-ATPases would activate and drive activity of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer".

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Estrogen receptor beta is an important modulator of prostate carcinogenesis

Adam Nelson's project looked at the role of estrogen in prostate cancer development

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Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer

Sheng-Fei Oon used TUF funding to help research new and more accurate ways of testing for prostate cancer - with promising early results.

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