TUF Research Reports

TUF has been funding cutting-edge research into urological cancers and conditions for over twenty years.  Click the links below to read reports of some our recent scholars. 

The development and implementation of an individualised prognostic modelling tool for nonmetastatic prostate cancer: PREDICT Prostate

Read about 2017 TUF Medal Winner David Thurtle's development of this important tool for prostate cancer patients.

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Developing pelvic floor materials which can stimulate ingrowth of new blood vessels after implantation

Naside Mangir's project at the University of Sheffield is one of many projects TUF has funded that aim to improve life for people with incontinence.

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Estrogen receptor beta is an important modulator of prostate carcinogenesis

Adam Nelson's project looked at the role of estrogen in prostate cancer development

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Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer

Sheng-Fei Oon used TUF funding to help research new and more accurate ways of testing for prostate cancer - with promising early results.

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Investigating interactions between vacuolar ATPase proton pumps and androgen receptor signalling in prostate cancer

Simon Crabb's project had this hypothesis: "V-ATPases would activate and drive activity of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer".

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