TUF Shout's Out About Bladder Cancer

The Urology Foundation has joined with Action on Bladder Cancer and Fight Bladder Cancer to launch the Shout Out About Bladder Cancer appeal. It is aimed at putting the disease on the public agenda and at the forefront of the public and politicians’ minds. 

We want people to be aware that bladder cancer can happen to anyone – it is the fourth most common cancer in men and the eleventh most common cancer in women.



At the moment, despite bladder cancer being the most expensive of all cancers to treat, it receives just 0.6% of NHS cancer research funding. Every year, 10,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with bladder cancer, and over half of them will die from the disease. What’s more, there have been no new treatments for nearly half a century and survival rates are actually getting worse.

Our three charities are bringing forward our own individual areas of expertise so we can raise awareness of the cancer and its symptoms more effectively to both the general public and health professionals. 

We think that if more people are aware of how common bladder cancer is, the more likely it is that it will get the attention it needs to reverse the current alarming situation. That is why this campaign is driven to get people to do what our name suggests: Shout Out About Bladder Cancer. 

"Louise de Winter, TUF Chief Executive, said: “It is incredible that despite affecting thousands of people each year across the UK, there is limited awareness of bladder cancer among the general public. 

By joining forces under the Shout Out About Bladder Cancer campaign we will draw upon each other’s strengths to improve the public’s understanding of the causes and symptoms of this disease and create greater awareness among funders and government. We have one clear mission – to get bladder cancer the recognition it deserves.” 


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