Stephen Fry named as TUF Ambassador

10 December 2019, Sayara Muthuveloe -

Britain’s best-loved actor, comedian and writer, Stephen Fry has become an Ambassador of The Urology Foundation.

Stephen started supporting The Urology Foundation after being treated for prostate cancer by TUF-trained surgeon Ben Challacombe in 2018. Since going public about his encounter with the disease, Stephen has spoken very openly about his experiences. He has made an enormous contribution to breaking down the stigma associated with urological conditions and encouraging people to see their GP when they spot symptoms.

He hosted a TUF Talk fundraising event in June 2019 with BBC journalist Jane Corbin where they discussed the problem of awkward conversations in Britain. The evening raised over £9,000 for TUF’s work. Stephen has supported many other TUF fundraisers like the Atlantic Seamen and Bike4TUF team, as well as our Urology Awareness Month in September.

“I have special reason for supporting the world of The Urology Foundation. Everyone will benefit from the work of a urologist one day or another.” Stephen Fry


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