Urologists & Nurses: why you should lead the Urology Awareness Month Campaign

04 September 2018, Roger Kirby 

Professor Roger Kirby is a leading urological consultant and Life President of The Urology Foundation. Here he shares his thoughts on why it’s so important that urologists and urology nurses are at the heart of the Urology Awareness Month campaign.

How have you supported Urology Awareness Month?

I have supported the campaign since it first started, whether that’s by doing radio interviews, speaking to colleagues and friends, or sharing the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Why did you do this?

I’m a supporter of TUF and I’m deeply passionate about the specialty. I think that this campaign is an extremely important way to raise awareness about urological diseases, the work that all of us urologists and nurses are doing, and how the public can take better care of themselves.

Why do you think it’s important for urology professionals to be leading this campaign?

Because we are the clinicians who have the expertise to deal with urological conditions. If the public sees all of the nation’s urological experts united around a campaign and a message, that is powerful.

It doesn’t matter if your Tweets aren’t viewed by a million people or you aren’t able to talk to every patient you see. Throughout September, every time you mention Urology Awareness Month, whether that’s in person or through social media, you add to this campaign.

What impact have you seen Urology Awareness Month having in your experience?

I think awareness is growing with every campaign, which is evidenced by the fact that we’re raising more and more money for ground-breaking research. We are making progress!

What would you like to see Urology Awareness Month become this year and in future years?

A major force in public awareness and an inspiration for fundraisers. Ultimately, it’s a campaign with the potential to save many lives, so I’d like to see it saving more and more lives every year.

Get involved this year by downloading resources and using #urologyawareness. 


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