How to take your fundraising that step further, a case study

26 June 2018, Tim Burton 

David, a grandfather, was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Following treatment by Ben Challacombe, David organised a 5 mile fundraising walk between 5 branches of Santander across the month of June. 

The sites that took part in this fantastic fundraiser were London, Leicester, Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool. 

David and his colleagues, along with support of the Women’s Health Clinic, raised more than £7,000. 

Louise is the TUF CEO. This is what she had to say about David's efforts,

"We're so glad to see David and his friends at Santander all standing up to fight urology disease. David was motivated to fundraise because of his personal experience, but he didn't stop there. He spoke to his colleagues and got them involved, as well. Thank you, David. Thank you, everyone who took part from Santander. Your fantastic fundraising will help us to train more surgeons like Ben so that they can deliver life saving surgery." 

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David didn't stop with this fundraising, however. He also joined the 2018 Bike4TUF team by driving the support vehichle on their ride from Scarborough to Liverpool. 

This excellent work will help us as we fight urological diseases from prostate cancer to incontinence.


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