Your Bladder Diary

20 August 2018, Tim Burton 

The bladder usually stores urine until you choose to empty it. Urinary incontinence occurs when you pass water involuntarily. It can happen to people at any age. In the United Kingdom, at least 3 million adults cannot control their bladders as they would wish.

When you go and see your GP about incontinence they will determine the type of incontinence you have by asking about your symptoms and examining you. 

When you are being asked questions about your toilet habits over the last few days, it can be quite hard to remember in great detail what has been happening. That's why we've put together a bladder diary. By using the diary you will be able to inform your doctor in detail about what's been happening. 

We hope that this diary will lead to a faster and more accurate diagnosis for anyone who uses it. 

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