Four Fathers are Rowing the Atlantic for Urology Health

It is said to be the toughest challenge on the planet, with more people climbing Everest or going to the moon, but that is not deterring four friends from Cornwall deciding to row, unaided, 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean for The Urology Foundation.

Inspired by patients

For one of them, a GP from Falmouth, the inspiration has come following the death of his grandfather, and the hundreds of patients he treats each year.

Dr Jon Davis and his three friends Tim May, Rob Spence and Andrew Berry (Bez) are the Atlantic Seamen. They are aiming to raise £100,000 for TUF – the charity is close to Jon’s heart since his grandfather, Ken, who had prostate and renal cancer, died last year. Jon was also inspired to undertake the challenge by the patients he sees each year who are suffering from debilitating urological conditions such as prostate, bladder and kidney cancer, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

“As a GP I am on the frontline, seeing people with urological conditions daily and the effects these conditions have on them.  Incontinence affects so many of my patients and has such a detrimental impact on quality of life.” said Jon.

“Urological conditions will affect 50% of people during the course of their lifetime but so many people have no idea what a urological condition is.

“I am so happy that rowing across the Atlantic in aid of The Urology Foundation will bring vital funds to support their research and training programmes and raise awareness of urological conditions.”

A feat of endurance

The Atlantic Seamen will non-stop row for weeks on end, in two hour shifts across the unrelenting ocean. The four will push their bodies and their minds to the limit as they face 40ft waves, sleep deprivation, salt sores and heatstroke.

But the challenge begins now as they train to get race ready, and raise the funds to get them to the start line.  

Please get behind the Atlantic Seamen as they row for urology health. Whether you or your company can sponsor them, provide donations in kind or follow their oar-inspiring journey over at their Facebook or Instagram page, your support will help power them across the Atlantic Ocean.

Find out how you can get behind the team as they row for urology at


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