How does TUF invest in young urologists?

30 August 2019, Tim Burton -

Cissy Yong is a young urologist based in Cambridge. She is a bright and promising scientist and clinician and that is a good example of why The Urology Foundation is keen to invest in urology professionals like her.

Cissy has received two of The Urology Foundation’s key awards.

A huge part of what TUF does is investing in urologists and two of our key ways of doing that are through Research Scholarships and through the Fulbright Scholarship.

The TUF Research Scholarships are awarded once a year and provide up to £60k in research funding that is used to find new ways to diagnose, treat, and cure urology diseases.

Cissy received her funding in early 2019 and is currently using it to research the metabolism of kidney cancers. Her work could be the key to better diagnosing kidney cancer and to finding new and better drug treatments for this disease.

Back in 2018, Cissy was also TUF’s Fulbright Scholar, which meant that she received funding to travel to a lab in Texas to learn about new and innovative research techniques from one of the world’s most advanced metabolic research labs. Cissy was able to take the knowledge, experiences, and collaborations that she developed in Texas and use them to make her research scholarship a success.

For Cissy, this has had a huge impact

“Well, for one thing, this investment from TUF has helped me to open up my career prospects. It will mean that I stand a good chance of taking my experience and knowledge and applying it in contexts where I can have the most impact.

“When you are both a clinician and a scientist you are able to see what the limitations are in treating patients and, with your scientific hat on, you can begin to go about rectifying those problems. It’s an empowering position to be in as a young doctor.

“But, of course, I chose to go into this line of work because I want, more than anything else, to help patients. This kind of investment from The Urology Foundation is a perfect opportunity for me to become the very best doctor and scientist I can be.

“When I sit across from a patient, I want to know that I have as much knowledge and experience as possible to help me give that patient the right treatment. Because of what I have learnt through my experiences with TUF, I’m in a great place to offer the highest possible standard of care that I can.”

Young urologists will be at the centre of our nation’s urology health for years to come

Whilst all urologists will receive high quality training through their education and the NHS, the work TUF does helps to raise them up to world-leading standard.

By providing opportunities to learn abroad, to conduct high-level research, to receive surgical training, TUF is helping to create a generation of urologists equipped to provide the highest standard of care to patients for years to come.

Help us to fund more young urologists like Cissy and secure the future of urology health care in this country.


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