September is the 4th Annual Urology Awareness Month!

Urological conditions will affect one in two people during the course of their lifetime, yet they remain shrouded in secrecy and silence. Incontinence alone is estimated to affect a third of British adults, impacting on their quality of life and in some cases leading to depression, relationship problems or financial difficulties.

The Urology Foundation believes the taboo and negative attitudes surrounding urology must end. That is why, in 2014, we launched Urology Awareness Month - a national campaign to raise awareness of urological conditions - diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and male reproductive system.

For 2017, TUF is highlighting the need for testicular self-examination. A shocking survey conducted earlier this year showed that over half of British men either never check their testicles for lumps, or do so too infrequently. If caught early enough, testicular cancer is almost entirely curable but many men are putting their health at risk because of ignorance or embarrassment.

Early detection is crucial to the treatment of many medical conditions and this is especially true in urology, where people often feel too embarrassed to see their doctor. The Urology Foundation urges all men and women suffering from urological conditions or symptoms to see their GP so they can access the necessary care and treatment and regain their quality of life.

Urology Awareness Month is held every September, dedicated to increasing knowledge and awareness about urological conditions. During this special month, The Urology Foundation aims to get the nation talking about prevention, treatment and management of issues that affect the kidney, urinary tract and male reproductive system, such as cancer, infertility, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

The 2017 UAM also includes the introduction of the very exciting Big 5 Challenge. We are asking people to help us beat the big five urological cancers (prostate, bladder, kidney, penile and testicular) by raising £500 each through fundraising activities. We believe that collectively we can raise awareness and support for everyone affected by urological conditions.

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