Prostate cancer tool to calculate life expectancy

The Urology Foundation-funded research led to the production of an NHS-approved shared decision-making tool for patients and clinicians. It provides patients with prostate cancer advice about which treatment would be best for them.

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Our role

When deciding between treatment options for prostate cancer, men and their doctors need to consider if the disease could be life-threatening. To help men and their doctors decide what to do, The Urology Foundation funded Mr David Thurtle from the University of Cambridge to develop a tool to help inform discussions.

About Predict Prostate

The NHS-approved shared decision making tool for patients and clinicians, Predict Prostate, uses the information from over 12,000 health records to predict the risk of dying from prostate cancer and other causes, as well as possible side effects from treatment. The NHS has adopted the tool thanks to evidence that it improves treatment decisions. Free online access enables men from any part of the country to have the same evidence-based, standardised information.

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What this means

David Thurtle explains:

“The Urology Foundation funding provided the reassurance that others, including patients and urology professionals, felt was of value and worthwhile. The funding meant I could work full-time on the project, which was crucial to delivering the tool in a timely fashion.

The Urology Foundation’s support was invaluable in enabling the ongoing patient study to be ‘portfolio-adopted’ and recognised by the clinical research network.”

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