Driving clinical trials

The TUF Trials Unit is a partnership between The Urology Foundation and the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT) in Aberdeen. This initiative has generated new, large-scale national clinical trials into kidney and prostate cancer surgery that will change clinical practice in the UK and across the world.

About the TUF Trials Unit

The TUF Trials Unit (TTU) at the University of Aberdeen encourages research ideas from the urology community and accelerates research that can drive improvements in treatment and care.

Three urological trials are being run under the TTU, comparing the efficacy of treatment and surgery techniques in kidney and bladder cancer and evaluating robotic surgery in the NHS.

A further 11 research trial ideas are going through the development process.

The TTU has made a significant impact in advancing urology research over the past three years and we’re delighted to have played an important part in its success.

Our role

Three years ago we partnered with the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials in Aberdeen (CHaRT) to create the TUF Trials Unit (TTU).

With an initial investment of £180,000 (£60,000 per annum) the TTU has leveraged this funding to secure an impressive £6.1 million in funding from the National Institute of Health and Social Care (NIHR) to conduct three large-scale, multi-centre trials across the United Kingdom (PARTIAL, ELIPSE, The FOLLOW UP Study).

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