World Continence Week


1 in 3 women … incontinence

What is World Continence Week?

World Continence Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness of incontinence related issues.

It occurs in June and this year will run from 17-23 June 2024.

We’ll update the website with more information on our 2024 World Continence Week plans in due course.

Read on to find out more about our successful 2023 World Continence Week.

World Continence Week 2023 Success

​For World Continence Week 2023 we focused on the need to overcome the unnecessary stigma that surrounds incontinence, a condition that affects some 3 million people in the UK.

It was also a chance to campaign for a reversal to the trend of council’s closing public toilets. There have been big cuts to public toilets in recent years and, with an ageing population and more people experiencing prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and BPH, now is not the time to be closing toilets.

We provided a range of useful resources to help those experiencing incontinence.

WCW Downloads

We produced some quick, easy to read guides to help explain and manage urinary incontinence for people to download.

Incontinence myths and facts

Causes of incontinence

Managing incontinence

Incontinence lifestyle tips

Other awareness raising resources

We also produced a range of materials for healthcare professionals to share with their patients to let them know that they are not alone. These can be found below.

Awareness raising poster – Overactive Bladder – Print out and display so that patients with bladder problems will know that help is at hand and they are not alone.

Awareness raising poster – leaky bladders information and advice – Suited for colour printers. For black and white printers, choose the below.

Awareness raising poster – leaky bladders information and advice – black and white – Suited for black and white printers. For colour printers, choose the above.

Toilet poster – need to pee cards -Poster highlighting The Urology Foundation’s Need to Pee cards which are designed to provide patients with faster access to toilets when they’re needed.

WCW Resources

Keeping a bladder diary  

We produced a bladder diary for patients to complete and share with their healthcare professional. When you see your GP they will determine the type of incontinence you have by asking about your symptoms and examining you. Many people find keeping a diary of their bladder habits will help when speaking to their GP.

Bladder diary

Need to Pee card

We took the opportunity during WCW2023 to share The Urology Foundation’s Need to Pee card. The wallet-sized card is designed to help those living with urinary incontinence to gain quick access to a toilet when the urge comes. The card can help explain the circumstance and quickly avoid any embarrassing situation. If you experience incontinence or other bladder conditions our Need to Pee card could give you the confidence to enjoy life, knowing that when you need to you can access the closest toilet when out and about.

For your card today we ask for nominal donation of £2.50 to cover the cost of postage and package. You can do this through our donate page and in the ‘I am donating because’ section let us know that you would like a Need to Pee card.

If you are a medical professional and would like to offer the Need to Pee card to your patients please email the team or call us on 020 3417 9820.

Please note, that while we hope the card will allow quick access to a toilet it will be at the discretion of the establishment.

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