Urology Pledges 2024


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Urology Pledges

The Urology Foundation is delighted to launch our 2024 Urology Pledges ‘Excellent Urology Health for All’.

We are calling on the new government to drive positive change in the UK’s urology health. Our three pledges will bring the UK closer to achieving excellent urology health for all.

View our Urology Pledges HERE.

Why is action needed?

1 in 2 of us will experience a urology condition in our lives. Urology cancers are on the rise and every year over 78,000 people across the UK are diagnosed with a urology cancer. Meanwhile, benign urology conditions impact millions across the country, many of which have devastating long-term personal, social and economic impacts, including erectile dysfunction, chronic bladder and pelvic pain syndromes, chronic prostatitis, chronic kidney stone disease and bladder dysfunction.

We’re calling on policy makers and politicians to pledge their commitment to improving urology health for all.

What action is needed?

1. Commit to investing in vital urology research

To achieve excellent urology health for all, the new Government must commit to investing in vital urology research to ensure that the UK is driving our knowledge and understanding of urology health forward and creating a brighter urology future for the next generation.

2. Commit to investing in our urology community

  • `Investment in the urology sector, to include advancing urology skills, is needed to ensure excellence in care for people with urology conditions
  • Investment in resources is needed to address the depleting numbers of specialist urology nurses across the country, particularly specialist continence nurses, to ensure patient experience is not further compromised
  • Investment in allied health professionals, including psychosexual counsellors, is necessary to provide people with the holistic support they need

The urology sector and all trained professionals involved in the delivery of urological care make a significant, positive impact on people experiencing urology symptoms or conditions and their loved ones. Action must be taken to ensure that people are able to receive the holistic care they need to live well with good urology health.

3. Commit to putting patients at the heart of decisions on urology care

We believe that the new Government must listen to the experiences of patients, putting them at the heart of decisions, to ensure the best urology care that works for patients, healthcare professionals and the health service.

How can you get involved and show #UrologyMatters2024?

If you’re a Member of Parliament or policy maker

Sign up to our Urology Pledges today by emailing lthorne@theurologyfoundation.org.

If you’re a supporter

Everyone can get involved and call on their Member of Parliament to take action and sign up to the Urology Pledges. You can email them and post on social media using #UrologyMatters2024.

How to contact your MP

There are lots of ways you can contact your MP:

1. Send an email or letter

Top tips:

  • Reach out: Write a letter or email to your MP. Explain why urology matters to you and why you’d like them to pledge their support. You can find out who your MP is and the best way to contact them by visiting: https://members.parliament.uk/members/commons
  • Make it personal: Explain your experience and why you think action is needed now to improve urology health for all
  • Let them know they’re representing you: Include your contact details, including your name and full address. That way they know they are representing you and this allows them to reply.
  • Keep us in the loop: Let us know if you receive a reply by contacting lthorne@theurologyfoundation.org.

We’ve prepared a draft email for your reference that you can use and tweak:


I am writing as a resident of [INSERT YOUR CONSTITUENCY] and calling on you to sign up to The Urology Foundation’s Urology Pledges 2024. For details on the pledges, see the campaign website here: www.theurologyfoundation.org/impact-achievements/campaigns/urologypledges2024/

1 in 2 of us will experience a urology condition in our lives. Urology cancers are on the rise and benign urology conditions impact millions across the country.

Urology health is important to me because [INSERT YOUR EXPERIENCE]

I urge you as my Member of Parliament to drive positive change in the UK’s urology health by signing up to the three Urology Pledges, which will bring the UK closer to achieving excellent urology health for all. Please sign up to the pledges by emailing lthorne@theurologyfoundation.org. 

Kind regards


2. Get involved on social media

Contact your MP on social media and call on them to show their commitment to the UK’s urology health. Use the hashtag #UrologyMatters2024

Draft social media posts you may like to use:

I’m calling on [INSERT MP HANDLES] to act now to show #UrologyMatters2024. Sign up to The Urology Foundation’s 3 Pledges for Excellent Urology Health for All. Find out more: www.theurologyfoundation.org/impact-achievements/campaigns/urologypledges2024/

3. Speak to MPs in person

Whether it’s public meetings or when you see your MP in your local area, it’s a great time to call on them to take action on urology health. You can ask them to sign up to the pledges and post on social media to publicly show their commitment using #UrologyMatters2024