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Join us to shape the future of urology research. We are proud to bring together researchers and people affected by urology conditions - from those who experience or are at risk of urology diseases, as well as carers and anyone with an interest - to drive research forward. Be part of our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) programme and you could help to deliver life-changing results.


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About patient and public involvement

PPI is when researchers, patients, carers and the public work in partnership to plan, design, evaluate and communicate about research. It leads to relevant, appropriate, better-designed research that has clearer outcomes and is better placed to have an impact.

The Urology Foundation works hard to ensure patients and their families have the opportunity to be heard and to drive change. We know that those who experience or who are at risk of urology disease are well placed to recognise what works well in their care and to identify what changes would make a huge difference to patients both now and in the future.

We want our research community to work in partnership with people affected by urology conditions as much as possible. Researchers who apply to us for funding are asked about their plans for patient and public involvement.

We want to hear from you!

How you can get involved:

As a member of our PPI Programme, you can contribute in many ways. You can choose which events and activities to get involved in such as:

  • Helping to plan, design and develop a research study
  • Joining a discussion forum or raising awareness about a specific urology condition
  • Joining advisory groups, steering groups and committees for specific projects or grants
  • Sharing your experience with an early career researcher
  • Helping to identify future research priorities
  • Identifying ethical issues and advising on solutions
  • Helping new members of our PPI group
  • Championing research – participating in Q&A sessions, videos and podcasts, workshops, roundtables, talks in the local community or as a case study for media interviews

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For more information, please get in touch ppi@theurologyfoundation.org

Together, we can fight urology disease.

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