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Urology Awareness Month 2022 

Urology Awareness Month is an annual campaign to raise awareness of urological diseases including prostate, bladder, kidney and male reproductive cancers and non-malignant conditions including incontinence, urinary tract infections (UTIs), erectile dysfunction and kidney stones.

You can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Print, order and share our educational materials and resources to raise awareness and knowledge of urological diseases including symptoms, risk factors, early diagnosis and treatment
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  • Add our resources to your website or newsletter
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  • Spread awareness in your community by holding a health information and well-being event – we have all the resources to help you run a great event

You can order a free resource pack which includes posters, leaflets, flyers and newsletters.

For more information please contact the Urology Awareness Month Team at


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Urology Awareness Month     

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Urology Health Information Posters  

Checking for Testicular Cancer Poster

Checking for Testicular Cancer Poster (for black and white printer)

Blood in Pee Poster

Blood in Pee Poster (for black and white printers)

Prostate Cancer Risk Poster

Prostate Cancer Risk Poster (for black and white printers)  GP Slide Blood in your pee

Incontinence Conversations Poster

Incontinence Conversations Poster (for black and white printers)

Prostate Health Information Poster

UTI Information Poster


Slides (for GPs, clinics, and other waiting rooms) 

Checking for Testicular Cancer (pdf)

Checking for Testicular Cancer (png) 

Blood in your pee (pdf)   GP Slide Leaky Bladder

Blood in your pee (png)  

Leaky bladder (pdf)

Leaky bladder (png)

Risk of prostate cancer (pdf)

Risk of prostate cancer (png)  



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