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Let's get tough for Urology Awareness Month.

When 1 in 2 people in the UK will develop a urological condition in their lifetime, and over a third of people don’t know what urology is, it is important that The Urology Foundation work to raise awareness of the nation’s urology health.

We need your help to banish the stimga associated with so many urology conditions. We want people start talking about their urology health, know the signs and symptoms of urology disease and to seek medical help when they need to so fewer lives are devastated.

Spread the word

Help banish the stigma of so many urology conditions by talking about them with family, friends and colleagues. You can learn more about urology health here or download our latest leaflets on urology cancers and urology disease.

Can you display our posters and leaflets at your place of work or community centre? Contact us on with your details.

Share your story

If you have been affected by a urological cancer, incontinence, kidney stones or any other urological condition and would like to share your story with TUF please contact us on or call us 020 7713 9538

Fundraise for us

The work of The Urology Foundation isn’t just about raising awareness. We work to improve the care and treatment received by urology patients by investing in cutting-edge urology research and specialist training and education of urologists and nurses. The need for our work is ever crucial as is the need for funds to do the work. Here are a few ideas you could do during the month:

Big 5 Challenge

During the month we are challenging you to raise over £500 so that together we can aim to raise £60,000 to fund vital research into urology cancers. You can choose your challenge. Whether you choose to do something over the 30 days, like cycling 15 miles each day. Or maybe you've got an epic idea for an event that will get your town talking. Perhaps you would like lots of little challenges or event through out the month. It's your challenge, to undertake in your own way. 

Join the Big 5 team and create your fundraising page over at our campaign page on EverydayHero.

Download your Big 5 challenge fundraising pack here or for more information.

Download our A4 posters to help advertise your Big 5 challenge:

Drop Thumb Nail   B5 Challenge Thumb Nail  B5 Invite Thumb Nail

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