A new kind of video gift for any special day in the year

Here’s news of a really special “Present from the Past” that also raised money for The Urology Foundation.

Your Big Day is personalised video for relatives, friends and colleagues, compiled from the ITN and Reuters archive and narrated by former BBC & ITN newscaster Sir Martyn Lewis. Ordered online and delivered online!

Use promo code TUF at the check out and your video will raise £6 for The Urology Foundation.

See what the world was like when your favourite person was born, when you met, got engaged or married. News, celebrities, royalty, house prices – and much more.

Just choose a 6-minute video, narrated by Sir Martyn Lewis, for a date that really matters to you – or someone you know.

How it works?

  • Check out www.yourbigday.tv for a free preview
  • Choose your special date and year (1917-2002)
  • Add a personal message
  • Use promo code TUF to trigger a £6 donation for us
  • Your Big Day will send the link by email at the date and time you choose

Raising money for TUF

Your Big Day video present costs £19.50 and includes a donation to the charity.  Do not forget to enter promo code TUF at the checkout to trigger a £6 donation for The Urology Foundation.

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