Step Up For TUF

We are asking you to STEP UP FOR TUF during Urology Awareness Month in September by virtually climbing a building, or if you’re feeling ambitious, a mountain! 

Climb the stairs at home, climb the escalator on the tube, climb the fire escape, climb the steps at your place of work and keep a count.  Set up a fundraising page on Just Giviing, or a smilar website, for our Step Up For TUF Challenge and ask friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you during the month of September.

The challenge can be done as an individual or why not put a team together and combine your totals to really “hit the heights”?

If you are of a competitive nature, why don’t you challenge a friend or another team to a race to the “summit”?

Based on the fact that the average flight of stairs is apparently 15 steps (who knew?) you would need to challenge yourself to climb


Step Up Logo DRAFT

Virtual Buildings  
 Millennium Dome 21 flights
 Sydney Opera House 28 flights
 Big Ben 42 flights
 Blackpool Tower 69 flights
 Canary Wharf 107 flights
 CN Tower, Toronto 233 flights
 Virtual Mountains  
 Scafell Pike 412 flights
 Mount Snowdown 475 flights
 Ben Nevis 587 flights
Machu Picchu, Peru ** 1,025 flights
Mont Blanc 2,028 flights
Mount Kilimanjaro 2,578 flights
Mount Everest 3,871 flights


Just to say that coming downstairs doesn’t count towards the challenge – sorry!

Any questions please contact our fundraising and events manager Serena at


Please take care:

We ask that you keep yourself safe at all times during this challenge.  Please ensure that you are fit enough to undertake this stair climbing activity and if you have any concerns please consult your GP in advance.  As this fundraising activity will take place at a time(s) and place(s) of your choosing TUF cannot be held responsible for your safety.




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