TUF Warrior

Are you a core trainee or clinical fellow looking to become a urology Specialist Register (SpR)? We have developed a six to twelve-month extracurricular programme, the TUF Warrior, to help support your application. 

By becoming a TUF Warrior you will undertake a number of activities that ultimately supports the work of The Urology Foundation. On completing the programme you will be able to show how you have gone above and beyond to support TUF in the fight against urology disease.

Email sayara@theurologyfoundation.org

We know that as a core trainee you are very busy so the idea is that through good individual contributions we achieve something truly outstanding together. This is a unique, exciting trainee collaboration. There will hopefully be opportunities for individual and group fundraising, presentations and publications. So don't be put off by the length of the programme. We've designed it around you and know you will be a great TUF Warrior.

How do I become a TUF Warrior?

Firstly log with us that you’re most definitely up for being a TUF Warrior, as this will be the start of your programme. Simply email Sayara to tell us that you’re in and whether you would be happy to be introduced to fellow TUF Warriors in your area for possible joint activities. Then decide what you want your TUF Warrior goal to be and start making a plan to help you achieve this.

What is my TUF Warrior goal?

As a minimum you need to undertake at least three charitable activities and raising at least £400.00 over a six months or more period to become a bronze TUF Warrior. However, there are four warrior levels so the more you can do the greater your achievement, plus if you work together with your fellow core trainees you can achieve a whole lot more.

TUF Warrior Awards

Charitable activities include reviewing and drafting TUF's public urology health information, delivering urology health presentations to patient groups or corporate company staff and fundraising challenges.

Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising it can at first seem a little daunting but we have a number of organised and virtual fundraising events that you could undertake or be inspired to do your own thing.



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