Free From ... February

Get ready to banish the booze, cut back on the sugar, quit smoking or even reduce your screen time.

This February TUF is encouraging you to break free from your vice as you raise money for us.


From Monday 01 February 2021
To Sunday 28 February 2021


Free From ... February details

Get Free From your biggest vice this February to raise money for The Urology Foundation.

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What is Free From February?

This nationwide challenge is to give up your vice throughout the whole of February. Whether you crave to sugar, can't live without caffine or addicted to your screens this is the month to go cold turkey and get that rewarding smug feeling of battling your own mountainous climb at the end of the 28 days.

Perhaps you want to extend your new year's resolutions, or need that extra push to stub out the cigarettes.

Taking Part

Getting started is simple. Follow these three steps to sign-up and start your fundraising.

  1. Simply sign-up and create your fundraising page to collect donation.
  2. Set the fundraising goal that's right for you and share your page with friends and family.
  3. Keep everyone up date with how you're doing through the month on your fundraising page and social media.

Surviving Free From

Stopping a habit of a lifetime can be hard but we have some top tips to help you succeed in your Free From challenge.

  • Replace your habit with a glass of water or take yourself out of your routine.
  • Tell a friend when your struggling so they can over support and motivation.
  • Remind yourself regularly why you’re doing this and reward yourself with a non-sabotaging treat as you progress.
  • Check-in on your fundraising page and see how well you're doing.

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