November is the TIME TO DINE!


From Sunday 01 November 2020
To Monday 30 November 2020


November is the TIME TO DINE! details

Normally in November we ask supporters to host a dinner, from one pot casual to fancy black tie, inviting friends, family and colleagues to come together to enjoy good food and raise money for The Urology Foundation.  Sadly, this year with the “rule of 6”, and many areas of the country in even tighter lockdown, that is just not going to be possible.

HOWEVER everyone has proved over this year how resourceful they can be so, with the work of TUF more needed than ever together with the fundraising hit we have taken with cancelled events,  we are still asking  you to join culinary forces in your kitchens around the UK to fight urology disease.   Whilst we may not be able to host any large dinner parties this year we still  say that November is “the time to dine” in aid of TUF.

Some of you may be able to actually sit down for a dinner with family, flatmates or a household with which you are bubbled.  If not you could hold a dinner party via Zoom or agree with friends that you will all cook the same recipe on the same night and make a donation to TUF.

Whether your involvement raises a few pounds or a few hundred pounds, it will make a real difference to TUF and allows us to make a difference to many people suffering from urology disease and conditions.

For a booklet full of ideas, recepies and even a food themed quiz CLICK HERE

Bon Appetit!