Our Corporate Partners

The Urology Foundation is working with the following corporate partners to improve the lives of patients.




 In alphabetical order they are 


Astellas Pharma

An estimated 6 million people in the UK are affected by continence problems.

TUF is committed to understanding and improving continence care. With support from Astellas Pharma we are undertaking research into continence services across the UK. We want to learn more

about the experiences of those involved in continence care including issues such as resourcing, training, decision making, management and care delivery. Rebecca Porta, said “Living with an Over Active Bladder (OAB) and continence issues can

impact every aspect of patients’ lives, including work, social life and relationships, as well as causing stress, embarrassment, and anxiety. The Urology Foundation wants to ensure continence care services remain a high priority and that patients’ needs are being met. We are grateful to all our corporate partners who support our projects to improve urology care and help make patients’ lives better.”


 Attice Self Storage CMYK LOGO

Our thanks to Attic Storage who have generously, by way of a donation, allocated TUF some free and much needed business storage space.  Attic Self Storage is a company who offer a range of storage options for personal and business use in London, with free 24-hour access


OD Logo High Res

One of TUF’s goals is to reach more people with our vital health messages from raising awareness of signs and symptoms of urological conditions to encouraging people to visit

their GP, pharmacist or healthcare provider if they have concerns or questions about their health. Last year, TUF was pleased to team up with Lloyds Pharmacy Online doctor, which offers on-

demand online healthcare, to highlight key stats on erectile dysfunction.  It is a common condition in men over the age of 40 and has a variety of causes. Whilst often treatable, many men suffer in silence – we need to get more men talking about this taboo topic. 

Together we are working to educate and inform more people about their urological health.


Peak Medical 2022 logo

The Urology Foundation with the support of Peak Medical, who specialise in continence care products and services, have designed a card to help those that need to gain quick access to a toilet when the urge comes.

Peak Medical have also awarded TUF two unconditional educational grants enabling us to run a ’Unlocking Potential – The Power of Successful Communication’ courses designed specifically for urology nurses.


Purple logo Peppy

TUF is delighted to announce its partnership with Peppy to help transform awareness of urological conditions and specifically men’s health.

Peppy is the leading health app that connects employees to real, human health experts. With Peppy, employees can chat, attend video consultations, join live events or watch videos from specialist nurses, counsellors, consultants, or other health professionals.

“I am thrilled to be working alongside Peppy, we are both passionate about raising awareness of urological diseases, providing much needed support and information and breaking down taboos that surround men’s health and we have some really engaging activities planned,” said Rebecca Porta.

To celebrate partnership, we are jointly hosted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session during ‘Urology Awareness Month’. This virtual event was attended by Peppy’s clients.

Some of the organisations that support their employees with Peppy are Santander, Vitality, Aviva, Novartis, BNP Paribas, NHS, Wickes and Edelman – collectively Peppy supports over one million employees. 




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