Community outreach with Asda

The Urology Foundation ran four successful events at Asda stores raising awareness of the importance of going to your GP if you blood in your pee

Asda Blood in Pee campaign

Raising awareness in the community

The Urology Foundation ran four successful awareness raising events at Asda stores during Urology Awareness Month in 2023 highlighting the importance of taking action if you see  blood in your pee. These ‘Blood in Pee’ events were part of our wider campaign and involved members of staff distributing leaflets and information to shoppers.

The events were  extremely well received and enabled us to get the message out to people in the community.

We’re continuing to work with Asda and hope to deliver more events, particularly in deprived communities.

If you’d like to talk to us about working with us on community outreach projects, get in touch today!  Email or call us on 020 3417 9820.

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